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For Survivors

The Suicide was NOT YOUR FAULT

It is very common when a loved one is lost to suicide to have thoughts similar to these running through your mind

  • It was my fault.
  • I should have seen some signs.
  • I should have done something.
  • I feel responsible.
  • I did not do enough.
  • I should have listened more.
  • I should have spent more time.
  • If I had just been there.
  • I should have involved others sooner.
  • I will never forgive myself
  • Why didn’t I see this?

If you have said or felt anything similar to the statements mentioned above, then you are experiencing something that is very normal.

The deep pain of losing a loved one to suicide can bring out many questions and doubts.

You did not make this choice. It is not your fault.

Often the people who are suffering from depression or a similar mental illness do everything possible to hide their illness especially from close friends and family.

Remember that when a chemical imbalance exists in someone’s brain, it is not possible to think clearly and make rationale choices. It was this mental illness that caused the suicide; not you.